For a fulfilling and rewarding life, there is no substitute for good health and fitness. Many people face a number of stumbling blocks while achieving their dream of a fit and healthy life. Meeting fitness goals can become a difficult ask, especially in situations when people do not have the right partners to train with, share their problems with and collaborate and communicate with. With FittMatch, it is our aim to solve that problem once and for all with a fresh, one of a kind solution.

We designed FittMatch with the goal of integrating local collective weigh training efforts with choice elements of social media, creating the right balance of the two realms. FittMatch is a smartphone app which lets you coordinate and communicate with fellow bodybuilding in your locality, enabling them to get together for their workouts and other weight lifting sessions based on availability.

We understand the needs of those who are struggling to find the right partners for workouts, and are looking to form strong bonds with people sharing similar fitness goals. With FittMatch app, it is our intention to create a simple, upbeat interface where people can find like-minded fitness enthusiasts to try and achieve fitness goals together.

The app allows weight training enthusiasts to create full, comprehensive and searchable profiles which contain personal and workout-related information and photos. Users can list their fitness goals, status, level, availability, gym partners and different credentials in their profiles. Users can then browse the profiles of other users in their locality, and ask to get together for a workout. There is also a system in place for rating workout partners.

At FittMatch, we believe that weight lifting is an extremely important and often neglected facet of having a good, long and happy life. With this service, we aim to bring people together at one place to celebrate good health, fitness and lasting bonds that stand the test of time.