4 Ways To Find A Workout Buddy


Want a workout buddy to come join you for your workout sessions? Finding a workout buddy isn’t always as easy as it seems. You don’t just want anyone to be joining you for your sessions. You want someone who is as motivated as you are and has a similar work ethic so they don’t slow you down (or force you to speed up as the case may be!).

Finding that special someone can be a real struggle at times. Let’s look at four great ways that you can go about finding that perfect workout partner.

Scout The Gym

When at the gym, always be on the lookout for a potential partner. Is there someone who seems to always be there when you are? If so, they might just make for the perfect partner.

Being able to attend the gym at the same time is one of the most critical things you need to look for when finding a gym buddy, so don’t let this one pass you by.

If you see someone at the gym multiple times, go over and talk to them. Most people will welcome a spot when offered.

Use A Fitness App

Another great way to find a workout buddy is to use an online app, which helps you filter through people based on their skill level, location, and popularity.

This can help you quickly find a match who’s just write for you. Without this, you could easily be missing out on hundreds of people that you otherwise would have never had the potential to meet before.

Join A Team Sport

The next great way to find a gym buddy is to join a team sport. Despite the fact you aren’t actually in the gym for this one, it helps you meet other active like-minded individuals who may be also going to the gym.

Once you develop the relationship with the team sport, you can then transfer it over to the gym.

Ask A Trainer

Finally, don’t overlook simply asking your trainer. Check with him or her to see if they have any clients that they feel might be a good fit for you. This is a fast and easy way to get paired up and since they are training both of you, there’s a good chance your skill level will be on par with each other.

So keep these simple but effective ways to find a gym partner in mind. If you’re going at it alone, know that you don’t have to. A gym buddy may be just around the corner.

Top 4 Reasons To Use A Workout Buddy



Wondering whether you should invest time and effort in finding a workout buddy? If you’ve always gone at your workouts alone, now might be the perfect time to embrace change and discover what a workout buddy has to offer.

Let’s go over four clear reasons why workout buddy’s pay off so that you can decide if this is something you should be considering.

Improved Motivation

The first reason to use a workout buddy? Improved motivation. Simply by knowing that that person is depending on you to show up can make you rethink skipping the gym to go out with your friends instead – or hit the snooze button if it’s an early morning session.

Then, once you’re there, seeing them pushing themselves to the limit may just help you do the same. This, over time, could significantly improve your results.

Enhanced Safety

Increased safety is another important reason to consider getting a workout buddy. Having someone to spot you on those heavy sets will give you the peace of mind to really give it your all.

You never know when you may drop a weight in the gym and if you don’t have a spotter or workout buddy there to help you out, it could lead to significant injury.

Greater Enjoyment

As most people are social creatures, they’re going to find they get greater enjoyment from having a workout buddy there with them by their side.

Even if you happen to enjoy your ‘alone’ time during your workout sessions, don’t overlook the difference it can make. This doesn’t mean you have to stand around socializing between sets, but having someone there to experience the workout with, encouraging each other throughout each set you perform can help you be your very best.

Ability To Perform Partner Assisted Exercises

Finally, let’s not forget the fact that having that partner will also allow you to perform partner-assisted exercises as well. This can open doors to exercises that you would never have completed in the past, giving you more variety in your workouts.

The more variety you include, the better your results will be overall.

So give some serious thought to getting yourself a workout partner. It’s one of the best ways to jumpstart a sluggish or stale workout program while keeping yourself safe and at the gym-game for the months ahead.

How Fitness Partners Can Workout Together At Different Fitness Levels



If you have someone you want to hit the gym with, perhaps a close friend, a significant other, or just someone who you always see at the gym who happens to go at the same time as you do, you may wonder how you can make it work if you aren’t of the same fitness level.

If you’re in better shape than they are, you may wonder if you’ll be dragged down as they try and keep up. Or, if you’re the one lagging behind, you may wonder if it’ll be enjoyable always trying to keep up.

The good news is that even partners who aren’t at the same fitness level can workout together – and enjoy the process while they’re at it.

Let’s look at some quick tips to know and remember when this is the case.

Focus On The Same Exercises

First, when designing the workouts you will do together, try as much as possible to do the same exercises. Remember, both beginners and very advanced individuals should be doing moves like squats, bench press, rows, and shoulder press.

If these are in the program, you can do them together, you’ll just each be using different weights.

Time The Rest Periods

Another way to alter the workout to accommodate to different skill levels is to time the rest periods between sets. More skilled and advanced individuals should aim to make their rest periods short, keeping the flow of their workout going. Right after their partner has completed their set, they should move directly into a set of their own.

Less advanced individuals may need more down time, so allow another 30-60 seconds after their partner has completed their set to begin.

Have The Weaker Individual Go First

When doing your exercises together, another smart move is to have the weaker individual go first. If you are doing an exercise that will have you in the same weight machine, having the weaker individual go first means less putting on and taking off weight.

Have them complete all their sets and then add more weight, having the stronger individual go next. While this may add a little more time to the workout session, it can really save a lot of effort you’d otherwise expend constantly putting on and taking off plate weights.

Find Some Commonly Enjoyed Activities

Finally, for non-weight training activities, do try and find some common ground. Think about what activities you both enjoy that can be done at different skill levels yet still be done together.

For instance, going cycling together can allow one to use more resistance on the bike while the other puts it on easy. This way, you still workout together, but each feel the appropriate level of challenge.

Likewise, performing a circuit workout consisting of bodyweight activities will allow each of you to go at your own pace, resting as needed.

So don’t be too quick to rule out those who aren’t of the same fitness level as you when searching for your workout companion. Check out app which allows you to quickly and easily filter people by fitness level, choosing someone who is right for you.

What To Look For When Choosing A Workout Buddy



It’s often said that one of the best ways to stay motivated with your fitness plan is to get a workout buddy. But, just as you wouldn’t choose a significant other on a whim, you shouldn’t choose a workout buddy that easily either.

Give some thought into who you opt to bring to the gym with you and it could mean better results – not to mention a more enjoyable workout session.

Unsure what to look for? Let’s take a look at the must-have traits to be searching for when ‘hiring’ that workout buddy.

Fitness Level

The first thing to check for? His or her fitness level. You could be best friends with the individual in question, but if they are far more advanced than you or are just starting out when you’ve been going to the gym for years, this just won’t be a successful relationship.

You want to find someone who is around the same fitness level as you so that neither one of you feels like you’re being held back during your workout session.

A great way to find someone who’s at the same fitness level as you? Check out our app, which allows you to quickly filter people by their skill level.

Workout Style

Another factor to take into account is their workout style. Do they prefer intense, fast paced workouts? Or, are they more laid back, wanting to socialize as they go about their sets?

Find someone who has the same style as you or you will be setting yourself up for frustration.

Time Availability

Also consider their time availability and preferences. Are they a morning person while you love nothing more than a late-night workout?

If so, you won’t be a match made in heaven. It’s important that your gym buddy is both available and has the desire to workout when you do. If they don’t, you may find them skipping sessions more often than not.

Goal Set

Finally, also take into account their goal set. Are they striving to lose fat? Build muscle? Improve performance?

Be sure that you take this into consideration. While it isn’t absolutely necessary to be on the same page goal-wise, it does help as it means you’ll be doing similar types of workout programs.

So think carefully as you pick out your gym buddy. Don’t rush through the decision or you might find that you just don’t reap all the benefits that you otherwise would see.

The Benefits of Having a Spotter

Gym spotting

The ways in which a spotter can add to your workout may not always be obvious. On the one hand, there is the most immediate thought that a spotter can keep you from dropping heavy weights on your neck. While that benefit is certainly great, it is not the only one you get. Having two people involved can double the effectiveness of your workout, increase your positive mentality and keep you motivated to push through PR limits and achieve new goals.

If you still think that despite these benefits you would rather lift alone, here are the specific ways that a spotter can invigorate your workout: Continue reading The Benefits of Having a Spotter

Running with a Partner is More Fun


Home truth: some people love running, others don’t. No matter which camp you happen to fall into, running with someone else will make it better. Having someone join you on your jog who can help keep you motivated, push you past your personal goals and hold you accountable for days when you try to slack off keeps your progress consistent and your attitude appropriately positive.

You can even select several running partners: one to make you sprint your rear end off, one who keeps a good pace and one for recovery days when you really want to take it easy. To make running with someone else even more fun and engaging, here are some activities you can do that will mix your runs up: Continue reading Running with a Partner is More Fun

Why You and Your Swolemate Should Be Kickboxing  


Aerobics and indoor exercise regimes can lose their excitement. When your soul is not into the exercises, your body is not likely to respond as well as if you loved the activity that you were completing. Many gym routines are also difficult to accomplish with a partner. Sure, you go to the gym together, but then you part ways, do your own thing and tell one another about it later.

Would you love to have an exciting, physically challenging routine that would replace virtually all of your other workouts and would be enjoyable with a partner? Kickboxing gives a fantastic total body workout and has a multitude of benefits. It is often listed as one of the most popular gym classes that people choose to take. You and your swolemate should be kickboxing.   Continue reading Why You and Your Swolemate Should Be Kickboxing  

Why You Should Stretch with a Partner


Stretching should be an important part of any workout routine or physical activity. Be it recreational swimming or competing in a triathlon, stretching helps to prevent injuries and increase performance. Most people who are avid athletes or workout regularly know the importance of stretching and remaining flexible, but are you getting the most out of your routine?

Stretching with a partner is a great way to “up your stretching game” and be sure that you are doing the most that you can do to get limber. Assisted stretching will help you to increase your range of motion, loosen you up and increase the blood supply to the muscles and joints throughout your body. If you have been unhappily stretching alone, it is time to find a partner.

Continue reading Why You Should Stretch with a Partner

The Benefits of Biking with Friends


It is no secret that exercise helps to significantly diminish stress. Those who maintain an active lifestyle exhibit positivity and a sense of fulfillment. Some ride their bicycle daily to commute or simply for leisure. Studies have shown that people who ride a bike rather than drive a car or take public transportation have lower levels of stress. Such individuals also state that they enjoy commuting, whereas drivers often growl that they do not. Biking is a great way to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

While biking in itself has some amazing benefits, biking with a friend increases the value of each of those points. As with any activity shared with friends, biking as a pair or in a group makes for a more enjoyable ride. Staying motivated and meeting your goals is made easier when you are working in a team setting, rather than doing it alone. Biking with a friend offers many benefits beyond good physical health. Continue reading The Benefits of Biking with Friends