Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘FittMatch Mobile App’ for?

This is an application that has been put together to enable people to work out together in pairs. A lot of times, many people skip going to the gym, or give up altogether on their fitness simply because they were unable to find the right workout partner to keep them motivated and coming back for more. This application hopes to tackle that issue.

What does this app do, and not do?

This application focuses primarily on helping you find others who have similar fitness goals as you do, and also on helping trainers in developing their relationship with people interested in fitness in and around their area, and thereby get new business opportunities. The app is also designed to notify existing users about any newly added users from their localities.
At this point, this application is not intended as a dating app, a sexually oriented app, or an app that helps you find local gyms and paid fitness training centers. Also, it does not support nutrition or activity tracking features.

What kind of users does this app target?

This app is primarily built for bodybuilders, weight lifters, personal trainers, people seeking workout partners, and people who need motivation to keep them working out, in general.

How to start and get around to using this app?

The process involved is very simple and very much like other networking sites and social feeds. The main steps involved are summarized below –

  • Sign up using your Facebook or email account, and get through the walkthrough screens.
  • Enter your availability in the calendar view provided, and upload pictures from your phone.
  • On being prompted by the app, allow access to GPS so that your location can be identified by the app. This helps in finding and fulfilling availability requests.
  • The home screen allows you to browse through various options. For instance, the ‘filter’ option can be used to display only filtered user profiles.
  • You can click on another user’s profile to view their fitness status, pictures, and availability.
  • Requests can be directed to specific individuals, by sending them a message. They can also be made in a general platform, by submitting details such as workout location, targeted muscle group, workout duration, and notes (if any).
  • Once a request has been sent and accepted, the two users involved will be listed as partners.
  • After the workout, you will be able to rate your partner based on 5 key factors